Why Donate

With just over 1,000 students attending Stone Ranch Elementary this year, we’re a pretty big place to operate, and each of our students deserves the best

The State provides limited funding to cover operational costs—that’s everything from crayons to copiers. California is almost dead last when it comes to per student funding. Simply put, it’s just not enough.

There is a big gap between what we are given per child and what we need per child. We are all responsible to bridge that gap with direct donations to the school.

For example, a donation of $300 per family — about $1.60 per school day — would ensure that the Stone Ranch Foundation will:

  • Provide Impact Teachers or Instructional Aides at every grade level
  • Expand use of technology at Stone Ranch

The Poway Unified School District has been forced to make drastic cuts over the years due to the losses in state funding.

These budget cuts have already forced the elimination or reduction of many programs, services, equipment, and supply budgets. Our teachers and staff are working with far fewer resources and larger class sizes.

Donating now to the Stone Ranch Foundation helps in two ways. It funds the priorities our school needs immediately, and provides continuity of services that enrich and enhance each child’s educational experience at Stone Ranch.

With all the families in our Stone Ranch Community—think of the good we can do if every family contributes! Let’s join together for our children.

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