One of the most compelling reasons for people who choose to live in this area is the outstanding schools of Poway Unified. Ours is one of the top districts in the state and continues to show increased student achievement despite a decade of budget cuts and California continuing to rank nearly last in per pupil funding.

As the principal of Stone Ranch Elementary School, I am proud to say that in a prestigious district, we remain one of the highest achieving schools. Our students excel in all areas and exceed the State and District averages in Math, Science, and Language Arts.

Due to limited state funding, we all face a huge budget gap. Yet the Stone Ranch community has continually stepped up to that challenge. Our school is profoundly grateful (and fortunate) for your generous support of the Stone Ranch Foundation.

Our Foundation provides programs that are targeted each year specifically to the needs of our trailblazing students.

For example, over the years we have watched class sizes increase. Nowhere is this more evident than in kindergarten where classes increased from 20 to 26 students. Realizing that our children deserve more individual attention, the Foundation has stepped in to fund instructional aides to support our kindergarten classrooms.

Our Foundation looked further into the needs of students across the learning spectrum—both those not yet achieving grade level standards and those who exceed expectations. Their fundraising efforts make it possible to hire Impact Teachers that help students in need of small group intervention and to also provide our higher achieving students an opportunity to reach their full potential through additional challenge activities.

As our country faces an epidemic increase of health concerns that are directly attributed to lack of exercise, we feel every school should have a robust Physical Education program. Our Foundation funds two PE Instructional Aides to ensure every child has access to a fitness program supported by a trained professional.

These are a few of the highlights. More examples of how the Stone Ranch Foundation directly supports students and the success of our school can be found at

If you have given to the Foundation in the past, please consider continuing your gift. Our goal is $300 per family. However, any gift helps make a difference to our kids and helps bridge the budget gap.

You made the right choice to live in the Poway Unified School District. I hope you are pleased to be part of the outstanding community that is Stone Ranch. The Stone Ranch Foundation and I welcome you and invite you to join our efforts to maintain the quality of our school and its enriching programs.


Lisa Danzer
Stone Ranch Elementary School